The GTG333 short wave infrared light is a three tube unit which is capable of 3000W outout. The core component of this infrared paint dryer is a highly intensive short wave infrared heating tube. Painted surfaces can be dried in as little as 15-30Min+-.
Warranty : 1 YEAR
Installation : Easy DIY Assembly
Training :No training included, comprehensive user manual included, easy opperation.

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Technical Data Infrared 3Light 3000W 220V
Description Data
Supply Voltage 220V
Total Power 3000W
Total Current 17A
Bulb Type 3 x Infrared (Short Wave) 1000W Bulbs
Temperature 60-70°C
Heating Area 800mm x 1000mm (W x H)
Minimum Lamp Height 250mm
Maximum Lamp Height 2200mm
Recommended Heating Distance 400mm
Recomended Priming Time 10Min
Recommended Heating Time 15Min


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