GT-VWFSI – Engine Timing Tool Kit for Polo – VAG 1.2 1.4 1.6 FSi/TSi

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Camshaft Locking Tool: The camshaft locking tool used on the 1.2 TSi engines.

Dial Test Indicator:
Top Dead Centre (TDC) measurement must be checked, this set includes TDC Adaptor which enables the accurate measurement of the piston position.

TDC Indicator: The Indicator is fitted into the first cylinder spark plug hole.

Camshaft Alignment Tool: If the Camshaft Timing Marks are not correctly aligned with the engine set at TDC, turn the Crankshaft 360° and check the Camshaft timing mark again.

Tensioner Pin: Fit the tensioner locking pin to hold the chain tensioner back, allowing the removal of the camshaft sprockets and chain.

Crankshaft Locking Pin: Use the Crankshaft Locking tool when loosening and tightening the crank.

Guide Pins: The two guide pins hold the supercharger in the correct position during installation.

Camshaft Locking Tool
TDC Indicator
Camshaft Alignment Tool
Tensioner Pin
Crankshaft Locking Pin
Guide Pins x 2pcs
Dial Gauge

OE: T10170, T10171A, T40011, T10340, T10414, T10341, T20046, VAS6079


Golf Estate, Golf Plus, Jetta, Passat, Eos, Tiguan and Touran

Engine Codes:
1.2 litre engine codes: CBZA, CBZB, CBZC
1.4/1.6 litre engine codes: BAG, BLF, BLG, BLP, BMY, BWK CAXA

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